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The Shelly Berger Big Band

Recorded at Cafe Soho -Toronto, Ontario, Canada -1978/79
edited by Jeff Riches and Shelly Berger
Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions
Produced by Shelly Berger


Rick Waychesko, Wayne Baker, John McLeod, Wilf Sharp, Rick Tait, Herbie Koffman, Mike Lucas, Dave Dunlop, Larry Kramer, Bram Smith


Phil Gray, Bill Beecroft, Pete Coulman, Cam Walters, Terry Lukiski, Susan Tretheway, Gord Myers, Don Sweet, Steve Wiloby, Bil Cross, Alex Vorous, Dave McMurdo

Saxophones, Clarinets and Flutes

Bob Brough, John Johnson, Alex Dean, Chris Chaley, Anthony Terpstra, Del Dako, Dave Beecroft, Jeff Goodspeed, Don Englert, Earl Seymour, Jane Fair, Simon Wallace, Ed Boygone

Rhythm Section

  • Piano– Mark Eisenman & Brian Wray
  • Guitar– Lorne Lofsky & Peter Lietch
  • Drums– Joe Bendza – Anthony Terpstra, & Anil Sharma
  • Percussion – Bill Usher, Michael Craydon, Mike Beck, Warren Viner