Ballaphon FRecords
Released: 1990

Solana‘s musical vibrance reflects the musical atmosphere of our time. It is individual, yet embraces the many diverse traditions to create a special blend of colors within the “worldbeat” muical genre. As a group of skilled composers and instrumentalists, Solana uses elements of jazz, classical, folk, Indian, and others, to produce an original coherent statement.



  • Albert Von Seggern – Sax and Flute
  • John Goldsmith – Piano
  • Brian Katz – Guitar
  • Bob Becker – Drums, Percussion & Tabla
  • George Koller – Bass, Cello & Sitar
  • Shelly Berger – Bass, Piano, Synth
Produced by Shelly Berger and George Koller
Engineered by Roger Slemin
Assistant engineer – Ken Chui
Recorded at Wellesley Sound Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cover art and inner sleeve design by Kurt Swinghammer